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We are ITC based in Qingdao city, located in Shandong province.  It is truly among the most beautiful cities in East China. Its beaches and German architecture make it popular with tourists, while its climate and infrastructure attract foreigners, eager to teach English in China. There are more than 100+qualified institutions around Qingdao, including colleges, elementary, middle and high schools, kindergartens, and ESL academies.

Why you should contact ITC

We are here to look after you. At ITC, we begin by qualifying and interviewing each school to see if the school meets ITC criteria. They must demonstrate integrity, have a high standard, and a good reputation. We will then interview, look at their teaching facility, and sign an agreement with the school. Lastly, we sign a protection agreement that will protect you in the future. 


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What is it like to live in China

If you do decide to work in China, you’re sure to find friendly and welcoming colleagues. Even in companies that are used to having foreign workers, some locals still find it exciting to meet someone from another country and will love to talk to you about the differences in your cultures and experiences.