Why Choose ITC ?

     The ITC Consultant Group was created in helping teachers find jobs that are easy with no hassle. Suppose you are wondering if ITC is a recruiting agency for teachers. Yes, we are, but we are also much more. We find great jobs that pay well and consult teachers and train if needed and help teachers when things aren’t going as expected. Moreover, we differentiate ourselves from other teacher recruitment agencies locally because we believe in adding a ‘CONSULTANCY’ in serving the schools. We do this by establishing Teachers, employers, partnerships, and providing services based on mutual understanding and respect for the students, parents, and school needs.


A Customized Service

    We have a small but experienced team of recruitment consultants who, with both the teachers and schools, will sign an agreement, mediating both parties when problems arise, so you don’t fight this alone. Your ITC recruitment consultant will discuss your preferences with you and help you find a school job vacancy that fits your requirements. Unlike some companies, we do not send out mass job alerts that are not suitable for you. We will only contact you if we find a position that we think is right for you. Lastly, our team regularly visits the schools we work with to ensure they are of the highest quality for the teachers we place. We also regularly connect with our teachers after placement to make sure everything is going well.

A Hassle-Free Way To Get The Best Teaching Jobs

     At ITC, it’s easy to apply for our vacancies. Please register with us and, at no cost, upload your CV and then search through our vacancies to see what appeals to you! Once your details have been uploaded, we will contact you with the job vacancies we think suit you. Unlike some agencies, we do not charge you at any point. From the moment you register till accepting your new job, our service is completely FREE for our teachers.