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We will link you with the schools with 5 guarantees, as well offering you up-to-date advice about document preparation, the visa application process--other bureaucratic formalities to make you relocation to China as efficient as possible.


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We differentiate ourselves from other teacher recruitment agencies because we believe in adding a PLUS in serving the international teachers’ community and their new schools. We do this by establishing Teacher-Employer Partnerships and providing services based on mutual understanding and respect for the students, parents, and school needs.


What is it like to live in Qingdao?

The Qingdao city, located in the Shandong province, is truly among the most picturesque cities in East China. Its beaches and German architecture make it popular with tourists, while its climate and infrastructure attract foreigners, eager to teach English in China. Qingdao teaching job are to found at more than 100+qualified institutions around the city Which include colleges, elementary and middle establishments, high schools, kindergartens, plus 90 ESL courses.

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