Why ITC ?

Many Educators find the recruitment process time consuming and stressful. ITC is here to alleviate the pressure.  Build your ideal faculty team, combining the best online and offline learning. Our teacher training and development programs will help your school grow, develop, and accomplish its needs. Moreover, we differentiate ourselves from other teacher recruitment agencies locally because we believe in adding a ‘CONSULTANCY’ in serving the schools. We do this by establishing Teachers, employers, partnerships, and providing services based on mutual understanding and respect for the students, parents, and school needs.

  1. We thoroughly vet potential teachers and provide you with the highest caliber of candidates for you to interview.
  2. We save you time and money.
  3. We apply the highest professional practice and teacher training in the education industry.
  4. We provide teachers on a contingency basis to cover staffing shortfalls.
  5. Should you not be satisfied with your current teacher, or the teacher is not meeting up to the required standards, we will be happy to replace them
  6. We don’t charge exorbitant prices here at ITC; we give you more than just teachers; we provide you with assurance and quality
  7. We are an international company with offices based in China and the USA.
  8. We monitor the progress of newly hired teachers and provide quality control.
  9. We will provide a teacher for a 1-month trial basis to ensure that our client is happy.
  10. We place short-term, long-term, and permanent teaching positions where we know they will thrive.

Benefits For Employers

Offices in China and USA

Saving you time and money

Ongoing training

Guaranteed service