Why Teach Abroad ?

Travel The World

Travelling is one of the prime reasons many people make the decision to teach overseas. Yearly flight tickets are paid for by the school. You can travel easily with cheap flight rates on small holidays. For many teachers, the best part of teaching is travelling. There are new adventures, new places, new languages, and new food with each trip. Working overseas is the gateway to a whole new world of experiences and places.

Earn A Good Income

Housing, health insurance and other expenses are paid by most schools. Teaching overseas provides great opportunities for obtaining financial security. Excellent salary, low expenses, and fantastic benefits packages will enable you to live comfortably, with enough to travel or save.

Gain Professional Development

Working overseas attracts attention for a resume. It will suggest to a potential employer someone who is willing to open themselves to new challenges and work with others who may not be of like-minded views or backgrounds. When overseas experience is gained, professional development is gained. 

Career Improvement

Overseas schools may give teachers further career advancement through continuing education or other career improvements such as attending conferences and workshops. Strong career and skills development are added to those seeking outstanding experiences. Overseas teaching is a unique asset that differentiates between teachers, one which gives them a competitive advantage when applying for other jobs upon their return home from abroad. 

Make New Friends

Teaching overseas is a chance to make new friends from different countries and cultures. You will be able to experience a new group of people whose lifestyle is completely different from yours. Teaching overseas makes teachers create a bond of community as if they were in their home country. Most teachers remain friends with their former colleagues and keep in touch with them even after they travel to another country or return home.